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Fires are still burning across Australia, and the bushfire season is only at the beginning.  Importantly, these funds are directed toward fire services who are primarily staffed by volunteers, and who will aid with ongoing issues, as well as towards groups that are helping to rebuild the damage done.

All you need is a Twitter account. Bid on items you are interested in by replying to the item tweet. Keep track of them in case you are outbid. Anyone can bid on an item, and all creatives are invited to join in if they have an item they’d like to auction.

Of course you can!  Perhaps you are an art-lover or collector with something rare to donate, maybe you’d like to bid/ or auction on behalf for someone who might not be active on Twitter – if you have an audience and something to auction, please lend us your support!

Individual creators are very much free to specify (or not) which organisations they’d like to receive the donations. 

If you’re uncertain, please check out or direct the artist to the ‘How to Donate’ page for their preference.

We’re a small group of independent artists concerned for the catastrophe currently occuring in Australia.  This initiative is very much inspired by the successful efforts of #AuthorsForFireys and #GameDevsForFireys.

Tips for Bidders:

Tip 1: Bookmark the tweets you place bids on so you can easily check in to see if you’ve been outbid.

Tip 2: Alternatively, jot down the username of the accounts you’ve placed bids on or intend to. To look them up, type our hashtag (#ArtistsForFireRelief) + from:USERNAME into the Twitter search bar.